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SACD, the Society of dramatic authors and composers

On behalf of and for authors, the SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques) defends their rights and their liberties. It provides authors with support and assists them throughout their careers.

The SACD is a society of authors, a not-for-profit, non-trading company founded by authors, that united with Beaumarchais in 1777 to defend their rights. Its missions have developed over the years, but the values it defends remain the same and are now as relevant as ever.


Collective and individual missions


The SACD is mandated by its member and owner authors to protect and defend their rights. In an environment undergoing significant change – both structurally and technologically – we ensure respect for and the recognition of authors’ work and their place in the creative chain in France and the rest of Europe.



Over time, the SACD has become an essential spokesperson during negotiations with producers and broadcasters, determining fair conditions for the use of authors’ work. It ensures that every author benefits from a favorable global contractual framework.


Upholding and carrying

The SACD offers authors a full range of high-performance services: collecting and efficiently distributing copyright, assisting in the negotiation of contracts and training needs, providing locations for meetings and working, encouraging discussions, and providing tools to simplify professional life.

Abroad, the SACD has access to a vast network of national companies, ensuring the effective collection of authors’ rights.

We also support authors during difficult periods (solidarity support) or when winding down their business (calculation of and activities related to retirement benefits). We represent and defend authors in front of the relevant bodies for social security and retirement coverage.



The SACD supports contemporary creation in all its forms and diversity. It also supports author diversity. Through its cultural action budget (25% of sums generated from private copy remuneration), it funds and organizes numerous actions and events designed to showcase authors and art, support the emergence of new talent and new art, and create opportunities.

The principles of mutualization and solidarity – the founding values of the company – are now more important than ever for authors. We are on hand to support them in their projects and their professional life.


Our values

The SACD works alongside artists for the defense of human and democratic values:

  • Freedom: This is the founding component of the creative act.
  • Solidarity: The SACD reflects the solidarity of artists, united in their battles, their challenges and their fight to ensure access to culture for all.
  • Diversity: Our wealth comes from our diversity. Fighting against discrimination and for the acceptance of others is in an artist’s DNA.
  • Proximity: The SACD is committed to respecting authors’ values and being reactive and transparent. It listens attentively to authors’ problems and concerns in order to provide support and solutions.


Contact and more info

SACD is an international society which headquarter is in Paris, France. You are currently on SACD Belgium website. Please feel free to ask us any question : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 02.551.0320, we will do our best to help you.

Learn more about us here.



Interested in joining us?

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